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2016 US Formula 16 Nationals

Racine, Wisconsin, August 9 - 12, 2016

As co-chairs of the SAIL RACINE experience, it's our pleasure to invite you to join us in celebrating the Racine Yacht Club's first 100 years with outstanding sailboat racing and social events. The club’s generous members have once again opened their doors to bring together multiple fleets to sail on beautiful Lake Michigan adjacent to five miles of sandy North Beach.

Sail Racine racing begins August 4-7 with the Star Class Blue Nose Regatta, overlapping with the Racine Yacht Club Regatta for all classes of sailboats over the weekend of August 6-7. This will be followed August 9-12 with the Buccaneer 18 North American Championship, the Formula 16 US National Championship and an open Portsmouth multihull regatta.

But wait, there's more! Weaved into these multiple events is a host of other activities... From August 3-5, you'll have an opportunity to receive expert race training from Red Gear Racing's world class Olympic sailing coaches Robbie Daniel and Jill Nickerson. On August 8th, we'll be inviting new sailors to join our “PUBLIC and YOUTH, LET'S GO SAILING Experience” sponsored by RYC, the Catamaran Racing Association of Wisconsin and the Buccaneers. Now stop flossing and pay attention... Yes there is more, including theme parties, great music and food, along with multiple youth and family events such as our world famous RAINGUTTER REGATTA and our first ever OPTI PADDLE THE DITCH WATERMELON RELAY.

RYC and CRAW are known for their great events and with the help of the other fleets, SAIL RACINE will be better than a tall drink of fresh squeezed ice cold lemonade on a hot summer day. None of this fun and excitement would be possible without the warm hospitality and love shown by the members of the Racine Yacht Club. On behalf of all the participants, we thank them once again for being such generous hosts.

Mark Thomson, US-F16 Class Chair
Christopher Blake & Gary Chu, Regatta Co-Chairs


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