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USF-16 News

Dear US Formula 16 Sailors and Interested Parties:

The European Formula 16 Championships are underway this week in Switzerland with more than 40 entries. Our German friend and International Class Chairman, Tomas Konig, will be leading the international class meeting during the event. (Unfortunately, Tomas and crew, Katrin, will not be able to race, as Tomas is recovering from surgery to repair a torn bicep. Because Tomas has big guns, the recovery period is rather extended). Attached is the agenda for that discussion, which includes the individual reports from our fleets around the world. You'll find my report about the US fleet within this document. If you have any comments about any of this, please let me know.

Our friends in the Formula 18 Class just completed their World Championships in Denmark last week. The Flying Dutchman, Mischa Heemskerk, won the event working his way back up the leader board after dropping his mast in an early race. Interestingly, Mischa was using a deck sweeper mainsail, consistent with his sail development for the A-Class catamaran. It will be interesting to see if deck sweeper mains now become "all the rage" in the beach cat community. Mischa was also sailing on relatively new F18 called the Scorpian, which I believe is made in Poland by the same builder as the Exploder A-Class catamaran. At the top of the Silver Fleet is a familiar name from the F16 community, Andreas Lutz, of Switzerland. Congrats to him!

Here in Wisconsin, we're typically getting from 12-20 F16s and F18s racing together at each of our regattas. We've found that the two classes are very competitive with each other, even boat-to-boat, though some of our F18 friends seem to think that the new Portsmouth numbers enacted by US Sailing two years ago may be tipping things more favorably to the F16. We generally believe that a well-sailed boat will win regardless, but we're still keeping an eye on actual/adjusted times and submitting our data to US Sailing, so that the handicap numbers can be as fair as possible. Our focus remains on having a great time and racing as evenly as possible within a handicap system. (We all know that's never perfect).


  • Racing Days are Friday through Monday, Nov. 3-6
  • Clearwater Community Sailing Center
  • Clearwater, Florida
  • Sponsored by Red Gear Racing (Contact Jill Nickerson to learn about training and accommodation options: funinthesunweb@gmail.com)

Special shout out to our Florida Youth Teams and their parents. The original dates of our event were modified to accommodate our youth teams, but as yet, we haven't seen any of our young stars show up on the list. Show us some love and get on the list.! You don't even have to pay yet, just let us know you're coming. Here's the link: Rock Star Registration Link . Remember, Nacra 15 Teams are also strongly encouraged to bring their boats to race in the event. Let's get our F16/N15 Youth Teams more big fleet experience!


Daniel Hearn
(Acting) USF-16 Chairman

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