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USF-16 North Americans 2018 Accommodations


Here is a list for special rates on a variety of accommodation options.  

Any while you're at it, please get your name on the registration list here Registration Link.

As our season is winding down here in the North, looking forward to coming south for some Florida sunshine and great racing!

Daniel Hearn
USF-16 Chairman

USF-16 North Americans 2018 Update

Formula 16 Sailing Friends: 

Here is the NOR for the Championships and the Registration Link is now active! 
Note that the first day of the Championships has moved up one day, so racing days will now be Nov. 1 through November 4.  Red Gear Racing Training Camp will be available leading up to the event, including a FREE starting clinic on Oct. 31
Please take a moment to get signed up NOW, so we can get an idea of boat count.  You can pay later, but a Participants List will be very helpful for our ongoing planning.  Stay tuned for more info.    
Looking forward to seeing you Clearwater!
Daniel Hearn
USF-16 Chairman
USA 5352

USF-16 North Americans 2018

Dear F16 Sailors:
Hope your summer sailing seasons are going well.  We've had some great regattas here in the Midwest with the F16s racing very competitively against each other, as well as with F18s , Tornados and a Nacra 20, with which we typically share a course.  Any of these boats, well sailed, can take line honors, reinforcing the belief that the best sailors will usually win, regardless of which cat they're sailing.  
We had a nice fleet of F16s assembled in June to race in a combined Catamaran Racing Association of Michigan and Catamaran Racing Association of Wisconsin event, which was held on the southern tip of Lake Michigan in New Buffalo.  We had Vipers, Blades, Falcons and a Nacra all represented.  Racing was tight in a variety of conditions, and a fantastic time was had by all.  
This email is a simple reminder to mark your calendars for Nov. 2 - 5 for our North American Championships in Clearwater, Florida.  We had a great racing and super fun social events there last year, so those of us from the north are particularly looking forward to it as way to extend our soft water sailing season (a month later we've typically got the iceboats out).  Once again, we'll have the Nacra 15 fleet racing with us, which positive for youth development and exposure for the fleet to potential future members.    
Details will be forthcoming, but mark your calendars now, as you'll not want to miss it!
Daniel Hearn
USF-16 Chairman
USA 5352

2018 Formula 16 North American Championships

Mark your calendars for November 2,3,4 and 5! 

We're going back to Clearwater, Florida for the 2018 Formula 16 North American Championships.

And I expect Red Gear Racing will be offering training opportunity prior to the racing days. Details on that will be announced as they become available.

Once again we will be including the Nacra 15s in our event, to contribute to the development of youth catamaran sailing, and to gain exposure for the F16 among teams who may eventually step up to the F16.

Same as 2017, we will be racing together with a single start, though the fleets will be scored separately. Yes, there is potential that boats not racing against each other could get tangled up, but it's the same possibility for all competitors. It's really nothing to fret about, so bring your best stuff and join us for a great time!

In 2019, I am very hopeful that the stars will align, and the Formula 16 and Formula 18 Fleets will come together for a combined North American Championships. There would be many advantages both for organizers and competitors. The North Cape Yacht Club in Michigan has been discussed as a potential venue for such an event. For a regatta this large, racing might take place as separate fleets on separate courses, but it sure would be fun to bring all these North American cat sailors together in one place. It's happening in other parts of the world, so let's keep the dialog flowing. The 18s will be together for their Worlds in Sarasota in October, and we'll be together for our NAs in November. Hopefully both groups will be behind the idea after those events and we'll break new ground in 2019!

That's all I've got for now.

Happy New Year to all!


Daniel Hearn
USF-16 Chairman


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