Box Rules

Written by Super User.



  • Maximum overall length is 5 m.
  • Maximum overall width 2.5 m.
  • Minimum overall weight 104 kg 1up and 107 kg 2-up .
  • Maximum mast height 8.5 m.
  • Maximum mainsail area (including mast) 15 m².
  • Maximum jib area 3.7 m².
  • Maximum spinnaker area 17.5 m².


The other main rules are:

  • Mid height width of spinnaker is at minimum 75% of length foot.
  • Boat must be rightable by crew either solo or doublehanded without external assistance
  • The rig may not be trimmed between start and finish by means other than sheet, downhaul, outhaul, traveller, mast rotation and halyards systems.
  • Only "soft" sails are allowed.
  • No ballast other than corrector weights up to 7.5 kg are allowed